Super Charged

Daily: 1500 AED

Weekly: 8400 AED

Monthly: 30000 AED

Range Rover Sports

Daily: 1500 AED

Weekly: 00 AED

Monthly: 00 AED

Nissan Patrol

Daily: 700 AED

Weekly: 4200 AED

Monthly: 16000 AED

Toyota Land Cruiser

Daily: 700 AED

Weekly: 5000 AED

Monthly: 7000 AED

Audi A8

Daily: 350 AED

Weekly: 2100 AED

Monthly: 8500 AED

Chevrolet Tahoe

Daily: 700 AED

Weekly: 4200 AED

Monthly: 1650 AED

Ford Mustang

Daily: 500 AED

Weekly: 3100 AED

Monthly: 9000 AED

Hyundai Creta

Daily: 120 AED

Weekly: 700 AED

Monthly: 2400 AED

Hyundai SantaFe

Daily: 300 AED

Weekly: 1750 AED

Monthly: 4700 AED

Hyundai Tucson

Daily: 160 AED

Weekly: 840 AED

Monthly: 2850 AED

Kia Cerato Sedan

Daily: 120 AED

Weekly: 700 AED

Monthly: 2400 AED

Hyundai Accent

Daily: 80 AED

Weekly: 1500 AED

Monthly: 1500 AED

Hyundai Sonata

Daily: 160 AED

Weekly: 840 AED

Monthly: 2850 AED

Kia Sportage

Daily: 160 AED

Weekly: 840 AED

Monthly: 2850 AED


Daily: 350 AED

Weekly: 1750 AED

Monthly: 450 AED

Kia Rio

Daily: 100 AED

Weekly: 560 AED

Monthly: 2100 AED

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  • Featured Luxury Cars

    If it has been a jiffy since you acquire your last automotive, you'll not understand what percentage distinctive new options area unit presently out there. We've lined motion picture technology and listed a number of the recent safety advances created in fashionable cars. How ever our latest list examines a number of the new luxury automotive options that simply cause you to more leisurely.

  • Insurance Included

    If you’ve ever rented a automobile, you’ve most likely been warned by salespeople at the counter concerning the potential consequences of walking away while not shopping for their company’s rental automobile insurance. placed on the spot, you would possibly not feel assured concerning precisely what your current automotive vehicle insurance covers. And that’s what rental corporations area unit hoping on beside their commissions for marketing you the coverage.

  • Available 640 Cars

    Search and browse 640 cars presently obtainable from obtainable automotive food market . you'll be able to conjointly scan reviews of this dealer from customers World Health Organization have bought cars there, or contact the dealer on to discuss what you are looking for.

  • Any Locations Rent

    If you wish the convenience of a private vehicle however don't desire to shop for a automotive, or rent a taxi each time you wish to induce around, then rental a automotive will be. This can be notably true if you are motion to a brand new town and simply want a automotive for one or two of days. rental services are around in Asian country for a minute currently however they're commencing to go browsing and adding more cost-effective choices too.

  • Cleaning Included

    An machine detailer uses specialised product and tools to meticulously clean, polish and shield each a part of a vehicle. This typically doesn't embrace painting or body repairs, however minor cosmetic touch-ups may well be enclosed. customers usually have a vehicle elaborated once getting ready to sell it; to take care of a vintage or luxury vehicle in pristine condition; or when machine body repairs.

  • Online 24 / 7 Support

    24/7 Techies understands that automobile and tablets became an important a part of way of life. after you area unit while not a phone, it will desire a part of you is missing. This company offers free quotes, thus you recognize what quantity a fix on your automotive or pill can price before you decide to something.

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What we do?

Automobile engineers hold a large type of responsibilities. Their primary purpose is to maximise the practicableness and style of cars keeping prices to AN absolute minimum.

A typical skilled during this field spends plenty of your time on researching and coming up with each systems and machines for cars. The styles area unit ab initio wiped out the shape of drawings and blueprints. Automobile engineers then apply physical and mathematical principles to those plans to create positive they're viable. The design is completed when significant analysis, and so altered once more when linking the plans to the offered analysis.

Once the design method is completed, the coming up with begins. Automobile engineer’s area unit chargeable for reworking their plans and analysis into a viable effect. They have to administrate the complete method of producing, with meticulous attention to detail.

After the tip product is factory-made, the foremost vital a part of AN automobile engineer’s job begins. Testing could be a rigorous method that has got to be through with utmost care. This procedure usually entails specializing in every each and part of AN automobile to confirm it's ready to operate in every conceivable condition in an exceedingly safe and secure manner.

’’Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

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